Inside Walton Heath Manor: Health Care

At Walton Heath Manor, our care home in Tadworth, near Reigate, Epsom & Banstead, the health and well-being of our residents is paramount.

As part of the support we provide to each resident, we prepare a health profile including their medical history and any current conditions, as well as details of any medication or treatment required.

Residents moving to Walton Heath Manor from surrounding area or further afield may wish to remain with their own GP, where practical, or to register with our own GP, local to our care home in Tadworth. Alternatively, they may prefer to use the services of a private doctor, funding this themselves.

A district nursing team is available to visit when required as are a number of specialist nurses. Additional therapy services – such as Physiotherapy, Dietetics and Speech Therapy – are also available on GP referral.

For more information about Walton Heath Manor, residential care home in Surrey please contact us.