Inside Walton Heath Manor: Our Rates

Walton Heath Manor is a staunch advocate of fairness and transparency when it comes to fees and fee reviews. Our fees are an all inclusive rate (we even include wine with lunch and supper!). The only additional costs a resident will incur will be for personal items such as hairdressing, newspapers, and magazines, and the rental of a landline. The fees will not vary from the date of admission other than for an annual inflation based review. The dependency and needs of any resident will vary over time but of course that is only to be expected. At Walton Heath Manor we do not increase our fees at these difficult times. Whilst Walton Heath Manor is a residential home our policy is that we are ‘a home for life’, and only in very rare and exceptional circumstances would any resident ever have to relocate, due to their changing needs.

Our annual fee review takes place every April. We write to our residents and explain exactly how our costs have altered through the year.

Our current fee range is from £1235 to £1610 per week and the variation in the fees is dictated purely by room choice. Walton Heath Manor is a character property. The rooms vary in terms of size and location. Many have direct access to a terrace or balcony and the ensuite bathrooms also vary in terms of size and facilities. We have some rooms that can be occupied by couples and we can supply rates for dual occupation, subject to availability.

We do like to be able to offer short-term, convalescence, or respite care when we have rooms available and for this we charge a flat all inclusive rate of £190 per night.

We are able to offer assistance with fees where an incoming resident may be financially dependent on the future sale of a property.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information.